Why Steril-Aire?

How Steril-Aire UVC Works For You.

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Steril-Aire’s UVC germicidal lamps or Emitters® work better and last longer. Independent testing proves that our UVC Emitter output is significantly higher than the competition at all temperatures.


Only Steril-Aire delivers:

  • The Steril-Aire UVC Emitter has a 12-month service life — and even after a full year, it has 2-3 times greater output than competitive devices deliver on day one! As a result, only Steril-Aire can ensure the germicidal performance you need.
  • Independently verified output: Steril-Aire has been independently tested  to deliver an average of 6 times the disinfection output of other ultraviolet devices by the U.S. EPA and Department of Homeland Security. Test reports show that Steril-Aire UVC devices achieved 99%+  destruction in a single pass on airborne bacteria and viruses.
  • A state-of-the-art solid state electronic power supply for enhanced reliability and performance in all conditions.
  • High performance construction, including stainless steel housings, thick-wall quartz tubes, and optional shatterproof sleeving.
  • A full array of lamp sizes and configurations to fit the widest range of applications — externally mounted, internally mounted, and portable.
  • Complete technical and engineering support with in-house expertise in both HVAC technology and microbiology, delivering real science for clean air and surfaces. Our patented installation ensures the germicidal performance for any desired disinfection.

The service life and germicidal effectiveness of UVC devices relate directly to how much output or intensity they deliver. There are many UVC products on the market today that claim to work just like Steril-Aire. In reviewing output claims, ensure results are based on independent testing in HVAC operating temperatures and conditions for the highest germicidal performance and efficacy.

Output calculations should also be based on the UVC energy delivered to the face of the coil at the extreme position from the lamp after 12 months of operation.  Steril-Aire has developed a UVC for HVAC® Application Standard to guide HVAC engineers, facility owners and managers in the best practice techniques for the application of UVC.  In addition, Steril-Aire has created a tool to calculate the performance of the UV lamp system based on application, sizing and installation to maximize energy distribution and performance.

UVC output (μW/cm2) vs. temperature for Steril-Aire UVC Emitter® germicidal lamps vs. standard industry germicidal lamps.