Learn about UVGI & HEPA Solutions for Schools

Learn about UVGI & HEPA Solutions for Schools

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While many school districts continue to make decisions on what is best for students learning environments, UVGI and HEPA technologies can provide a safe, effective and non confrontational way to improve indoor air quality. protecting not only children but teachers and staff.


Vertical Market Manager, Josh Oelker, is entirely dedicated on improving the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) of population dense areas such as schools, stores and transit to help restore normalcy.

Josh has been instrumental in Steril-Aire’s astronomic growth over the last 5 years, working with many D-1 Universities, top High Schools, Fortune 500 Companies, the USDA, other government agencies and almost every OEM HVAC manufacturer. He is based out of Minnesota and has two middle-school aged children, placing many of our current IAQ concerns especially within education personally at the forefront. He states, “I am deeply passionate about improving the air we breathe, as occupants we rarely individually control the air quality in the places we inhabit or frequent, yet poor air quality has detrimental effects that last a lifetime.”

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Josh Oelker, Vertical Market Manager for Steril-Aire with the form on the right or contact him via email: joelker@steril-aire.com

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To safeguard the next generation, it is a vital role of parents, teachers and school board members to emphasize clean air and sanitized surfaces for their students by utilizing Steril-Aire solutions.

Common Education Solutions: HEPA Pro+, ESE Series, DE Series.

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Vertically Focused, Steril-Aire also aims to provide extra resources to the Transportation and Retail sectors.


As online shopping grows, in-person shopping maintains itself as an important part of our lives whether it is for groceries or a new wardrobe. Improved in-person shopping experience starts with peace of mind that surface and airborne disinfection solutions are keeping customers and employees safe and healthy.


Common Retail Solutions: Enhanced UVC Kits, SEN Series, Unitary Kit for Air Conditioners.

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With the mixing of many people in confined spaces in airports, busses and other transportation channels, Steril-Aire can provide legitimate surface and airborne disinfection solutions for both occupant and worker safety.


Common Transportation Solutions: RIKs, ESE Series, ESEN Series.

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