#IAQAcrossAmerica – an action plan for better indoor air

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Steril-Aire, a leader in the development of high-performance indoor air quality (IAQ) and ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) technologies, announces the launch of an action campaign: #IAQAcrossAmerica that parallels the recent Clean Air in Buildings Challenge announcement from the EPA. Steril-Aire’s campaign is expected to provide education towards improving indoor air and delivering clarity about scientifically proven IAQ solutions. The Steril-Aire team is going to be partnering with businesses, facilities, and communities to supply indoor air building surveys to provide insight into a building’s health for its occupants.

“I am deeply passionate about improving the air we breathe.” said Vertical Market Director, Josh Oelker. “As occupants we rarely individually control the air quality in the places we inhabit or frequent, yet poor air quality has detrimental effects that last a lifetime. At this moment we have a unique opportunity with #IAQAcrossAmerica to improve our way of life in this country for current & future generations.”

Steril-Aire plans on sharing educational content via social media and their website regarding IAQ topics and the appropriate steps to take to improve your indoor air.