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In retail, shoppers vote with their feet. They show up where they are comfortable and feel safe to shop. Indoor air quality and protection from the lingering pandemic have never been more important in this environment. Retail is also typically run on thin margins so every chance to improve sales potential while reducing overhead is increasingly important.

Indoor air quality is often addressed through the 3 “D’s”; Disbursement, Dilution, and Destruction. Disbursement is achieved simply by keeping air moving so no one area can get too concentrated with undesired elements. By bringing in more outside air, you can Dilute the contents of indoor air. You can also achieve some dilution through filtration but the nastiest of things we worry about are often too small to filter even with HEPA. So that leaves Destruction.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) only officially recognizes one technology for the Destruction of airborne Molds, Bacteria, and Virus … UVC.

By installing a proper UVC Solution in your HVAC System and running that system, you will achieve all 3 D’s including the most important one Destruction. But that solution doesn’t just make the environment safer for the shoppers, it also comes with added benefits. UVC will keep your system cleaner leading to greater efficiency and less energy use to run. UVC will also extend the life of your coiling coil by keeping mold and bacteria from sticking, breeding, and harvesting from there and slowly eating away the metal with its acidic base.

  • Safer indoor air quality
  • Longer lasting equipment
  • $$$ Savings from more efficient systems

Time to upgrade your space and get back to business with your UVC partner, Steril-Aire.

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