That contamination adhering to your HVAC coils and drain pans is biofilm, a microbiological material that’s costing you in many ways. Biofilm undermines performance.

It impedes air flow and reduces heat exchange efficiency, making your chillers and fans work harder, which increases energy costs and shortens chiller life. It breeds and circulates mold and bacteria that can cause illness and allergic reactions. And as you’ve noticed, it’s prolific. You can’t seem to get rid of it. Spend money cleaning it, and the visible biofilm on the coil face just comes back within days. Coil cleaning doesn’t even reach the biofilm inside the coil where it continues to accumulate. Luckily, there’s an all-in-one solution that eliminates it once and for all.

Steril-Aire’s UVC solutions eliminate a host of HVAC problems at the source.

Harmful biofilm builds up in HVAC coils and drain pans, where the cool, wet conditions are ideal breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. This gluey matrix degrades both performance and IAQ, circulating microorganisms implicated in allergies, asthma and disease. Once a Steril-Aire solution is installed, biofilm is eliminated. Our high-output lamps deliver the UVC intensity required to sustain this germicidal action over time. Savings on operating costs alone can deliver payback in as soon as 6 months, with a bonus payoff: IAQ you can swear by. And you’ll never have to clean a coil again.

It’s amazing how many ways something so simple can save you so much grief and so much money.


Cost Reduction #1

You’ll save up to 15% or 20% on your energy bill. Energy savings of 15 to 20% and higher are routinely documented in facilities using Steril-Aire technology. Keeping the coils and other components free of organic buildup restores heat exchange efficiency and airflow uniformity, and reduces pressure drop across the coils, The result: reduced energy consumption.

Cost Reduction #2

Your air handlers will run more efficiently and last longer. Without biofilm clogging up the works, air handler efficiency skyrockets. Customers report 30% increases in total cooling capacity, with improved heat transfer and air volume. And why spend money to replace an old coil or air handler? You can probably rejuvenate it with Steril-Aire!
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Cost Reduction #3

Steril-Aire cleans your coils continuously, better than you ever could. Your coil cleaning days are over. No more steam. No more toxic chemicals. No more labor time and cost. Our UVC system makes your HVAC unit self-cleaning and keeps it that way, from coils to drain pans to the nooks and crannies your maintenance team could never reach.
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Cost Reduction #4

Reduce potential liability from sickness caused by HVAC-bred microbes. Bad Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has hidden costs and liabilities. Airborne allergens and disease-causing microorganisms pose risks, reduce productivity, and increase absenteeism The good news for facility owners: a healthy, green building not only reduces potential liability. It can be a selling point for tenants or employees.
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Free, thanks to all these savings: a healthier facility with better IAQ.

Steril-Aire pays for itself in operational cost savings. Better IAQ is essentially free!

4 reasons Steril-Aire is the best solution


  1. Higher output means sustained cleaning
    To inactivate the microorganisms that breed in biofilm buildup, you need a specific dose of UVC energy. Steril-Aire UVC Emitters are proven to sustain higher intensities over a longer period of time as compared to other brands.
  2. Systems engineered to penetrate every recess
    Steril-Aire solutions are designed to penetrate every corner and recess of cooling coils where microorganisms breed. Our installations are engineered to apply the right levels of UVC energy where it is needed to optimize performance.
  3. Independent testing proves performance superiority
    Independent testing has proven that our emitters deliver up to 7 times more energy than competitor products and last 4 times longer in the cool and damp HVAC environment.
  4. Patented technology is often copied; never duplicated
    Steril-Aire invented UVC for HVAC™ technology more than 20 years ago and has continued to upgrade it. Imitators have never been able to equal the original, which includes superior construction and engineering support.