Bacteria and mold attributed to hospital acquired infections (HAI’s) are thriving here. Air passing through dirty air conditioning components (below) can spread contamination throughout a facility.



The hospital HVAC unit is a reservoir, amplifier and disseminator of microorganisms commonly attributed to HAIs. These microorganisms contribute to the growth of a complex microbiological material called “biofilm” (above) that adheres to HVAC coils and drain pans. Air quality studies show that these problematic microorganisms are circulated and are present in the air for inhalation by patients, increasing HAI risk. Air filtration and regular cleaning alone are insufficient. The solution is to address the underlying cause of contamination at the source.

The best long-term solution with quantifiable and predictable outcomes: Steril-Aire’s ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) solution



Steril-Aire UVGI solutions give hospitals three sustainable advantages


Destroy HAI-causing Microorganisms

20 years of data indicate that installations of Steril-Aire UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) systems produce sustainable and predictable outcomes. Deactivation of microorganisms by greater than 5 log can be achieved. Airborne microorganisms can be reduced up to 99%.

Energy Savings, Increased Capacity

In addition to harboring microorganisms, biofilm growth makes air conditioning units less efficient increasing energy use. Coils that are continuously cleaned with Steril-Aire UVGI keep operating at optimum capacity for the life of the equipment. One facility saved $500,000 on a $25,000 investment.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Manual cleaning of air conditioning coils and components is labor-intensive. As soon as it’s removed, sticky biofilm begins forming again at a rapid rate. Continuous cleaning by Steril-Aire UVGI not only reduces maintenance costs but completely eliminates the need for chemical cleaning. Our UVGI solutions are designed to irradiate the surfaces where biofilm and microorganisms grow.

“2 ½ year study: Microbes in HVAC eradicated, with reductions in HAI’s and $850,000 in annual clinical savings.”

Women and Children’s Hospital of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY


4 reasons Steril-Aire is the best UVGI solution

  1. Higher output means sustained antimicrobial action. A minimum 99.9% inactivation of microorganisms requires a specific dose of UVGI energy. Steril-Aire UVGI emitters are proven to sustain higher intensities over a longer period of time as compared to other’s products.
  2. Systems engineered to penetrate every recess. Steril-Aire solutions are engineered to penetrate every corner and recess where microorganisms breed. We optimize performance by providing an appropriate level of UVGI energy to satisfy your required level of microbial deactivation.
  3. Independent testing proves performance superiority. Independent testing has proven that our emitters deliver up to 7 times more energy than competitor products and last 4 times longer in the cool and damp HVAC environment.
  4. Steril-Aire’s technology is often copied, never duplicated. Steril-Aire invented UVC for HVAC™ technology 20 years ago and has continued to upgrade it. Imitators have never been able to equal the original, which includes superior construction and engineering support.

“In one year, a $25,000 investment in Steril-Aire saved $500,000 on energy and equipment sustainability.”

Rio Grande Regional Hospital, Rio Grande, TX