Peer-reviewed, proven IAQ solutions that are precisely engineered for any space or application

Peer-reviewed, proven IAQ solutions that are precisely engineered for any space or application

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Are all UVC solutions created equal?

No.  For a UVGI solution to be effective, it is dependent upon the amount of UV dose that can be applied to the microorganism. UVGI deactivates microorganisms by simply breaking down their DNA/RNA and rupturing them unable to replicate or reproduce. For a more in-depth analysis of UV Dose and what it means, please refer to ASHRAE Chapter 62.1 UV Dose and Microbial Response.

Steril-Aire provides industry-leading UVGI effectiveness in our solutions, proven by the EPA and US Department of Homeland Security testing. Our UVC emitters generate a 6X disinfection advantage over any other competitor in the industry.

Clean Air Delivery Rate and what it means for the space I am engineering IAQ solutions for?

Commonly referred to as CADR, is that of the cubic feet per minute (CFM) of moving air that has had particles or pathogens of a given size removed from the air.  AHAM’s standard guideline for CADR is that your air cleaner should be equal to at least 2/3 of the room’s area.  CADR is typically measured by the removal rate of the following particles or pathogens: dust, smoke, and pollen. Talk with a Steril-Aire representative to discuss the appropriate CADR for your given space.

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Trusted IAQ solutions that increase your bottom line by improving HVAC energy efficient and reducing maintenance costs.

Solutions for all Applications

 At Steril-Aire we specialize in a multitude of IAQ solutions, such as UVGI, that can provide an improvement to the quality of your indoor air. Some of our most popular solutions for air handling units are Rapid Install Kits, ESENs, ESEs, and SENs. These products are designed around disinfecting the cooling coil in a rooftop AHU or packaged terminal units.  For in-room solutions, products like the Upper-Air Pro+ and the HEPA Pro+ offer an increased level disinfection and filtration up to 99.97%. Thus, creating a safer environment for your customers and employees. Contact us to speak with our Engineering department to design your IAQ solution.

Energy Savings

Improving your IAQ through Steril-Aire UVGI solutions, by the destruction of biofilm buildup on the cooling coils and drainage in the drain pan you will increase your energy savings for your HVAC system. In comparison to other disinfection methods, UVGI will reduce air-side pressure drop, thus decreasing fan energy consumption and most importantly increasing the overall heat transfer coefficient of the HVAC coil system.  For further details please see ASHRAE Chapter 62.9 energy and Economic Considerations.

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