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UVC Smart-Vu is a customizable, cloud-based, platform compatible with all UVC disinfection products allowing real-time awareness for any UVC installation, to guarantee efficacy and go beyond the pretty blue light.

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Steril-Aire Reduces The Spread Of Infection At Vermont Hospital

Steril-Aire Reduces The Spread Of Infection At Vermont Hospital

BACKGROUND Mt. Ascutney Hospital is an accredited, non-profit medical facility located in Windsor, Vermont. The nursing and medical staff of about 325 people provide care to around 52,000 patients per year. PROBLEM Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and respiratory illness became of increased concern during the COVID-19 epidemic at the Mt. Ascutney...

Top 5 Reasons Why Steril-Aire Outperforms The Competition

Top 5 Reasons Why Steril-Aire Outperforms The Competition

At Steril-Aire, our customers and partners have relied on our expertise in IAQ for more than 30 years. Steril-Aire holds the original patent for UVGI disinfection in HVAC applications and our knowledge and longstanding commitment to helping improve IAQ is why we wanted to share the Top 5 Reasons to choose Steril-Aire over the competitors: Proper...

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Steril-Aire, ISO Certified in both 9001:2015 & 14001:2015, launched UVC for HVAC industry in 1994 and remains the leader today. Steril-Aire is the unrivaled leader in the development of high performance UVC solutions for air and surface decontamination.

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Steril-Aire UVC science is groundbreaking. But our goal is simple: Continue to produce innovative, technological solutions, backed by science, that enhance our customer’s image, save money and create a better environment to live, work and breathe. From reducing energy consumption and controlling costs, to optimizing human and mechanical productivity, UVC solutions from Steril-Aire pay measurable dividends to your financial health.