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Steril‐Aire UVC Controller II is designed to enhance your installation by providing additional capabilities to your chosen UVC solution. The controller is built with a clear front door for easy viewing of status controls and circuit breaker positions. It also includes class 2 BMS and door switch connections for safety
against electrical shock.

The UVC Controller II comes with an LCD Backlit Status Display that provides such information as: Lamp Life countdown, On/Off Status, Amp Draw, and alerts when the Emitters need attention or changeout.

Do you run a BMS? The Steril‐Aire UVC Controller also comes with connections than can allow your BMS to monitor loss of power, open doors, powered off Emitters, Emitter changeouts and Emitter faults.

The Steril-Aire UVC Controller II is factory assembled and tested. It is a perfect addition to your solution using Steril-Aire Emitters the best in UVC for HVAC.

The controller:
• Is secured in a type 4/IP67 durable polycarbonate indoor/outdoor enclosure.
• Is a UL Approved 508A Industrial Controller for the United States and Canada.
• Has front mounted on/off buttons that are vandalism proof, IP67 water proof and
red/green LED status display.
• Communicates with an optional door switch to prevent accidental exposure to
UVC lights.
• Has easy access for wiring to BMS contacts.
• Digital Amp Meter with 4-20ma current loop.
• Has power options that range from:
– 100/120/208/240/277VAC
– 4 to 40 AMPS
– Single or Double phase power
– 50/60Hz
– 9.6KW MAX

UVC Controller II product information

UVC Controller II

UVC Controller II Press release 7/2019

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